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  1. Xanda  •  02:35 @2009-01-25
    Wouldn't send it to the external free xxxx movies monitor either. Well yeah dual monitoring is tricky in linux.
  2. Veronica  •  19:01 @2009-01-26
    I think its missing on free xxxx movies but may be present on alternate.
  3. Katherine  •  05:04 @2009-01-31
    I do not want to animate a i want to view the animation. Use firefox to view the free xxxx movies animated file.
  4. Aldea  •  05:34 @2009-02-02
    It should mention the name of the packages for free xxxx movies nvidia apt cache search n nvidia glx.
  5. Goldie  •  20:59 @2009-02-08
    ion. If you'd looked at the post gave it was there.
  6. Angela  •  23:57 @2009-02-10
    Isn't "ubuntu" as a brand copyrighted by canonical? Oss of wireless in min tops.

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