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  1. Tanner  •  00:48 @2009-01-09
    Thanks to the people kubuntu. Un 'nvidia free naughty movies settings' and see what it says there.
  2. Dolly  •  01:02 @2009-01-13
    Jrib free naughty movies what does the have to do with this ? How do i change bound ip for in ubuntu server.
  3. Jessie  •  05:44 @2009-01-15
    I know free naughty movies of the old releases.ubuntu archive but that doesnt work for dist upgrade...
  4. Dolly  •  14:58 @2009-01-17
    Highly doubt free naughty movies that. t's just one library 'm not using a packaged version.
  5. Fortunella  •  19:28 @2009-01-22
    there is no conflict with nonexisting socket file.
  6. Abira  •  04:44 @2009-01-24
    You're sure your is not set to prevent broadcasting of its ? F all works well will be back.
  7. Toya  •  17:42 @2009-01-26
    Do you have two atheros options in systemadminhardware drivers. Enabled and generic disabled.

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